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This JSON object configures web-related settings.

Many of these parameters concern the Admin Console.

The Admin console configures certain aspects of the behavior of your Efficy system – the administrator password, the session administration, the strength of user passwords, some user settings, the generation of PDF files and some regional settings.

administrator’s password of the Admin Consolewhat is IP address switching and file caching?what is the dealer base?what is load balancing?what is the temp folder?





reference information: parameters, supported and default values

adminPassword – adminSalt – allowIpSwitching – appServers – createLogFile –  dealerBase – defaultFloatFormat – defaultLanguage – encoderAllowedTags – fcm – fileCacheActive – format – https – loadBalancing – maxEditOperations – maxGridRows – password – secureCookie – sessionTimeout – ssoMode – tempFolder

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