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This JSON object configures an application server connection.

A “connection” is the box that executes a request, and is reused from a pool.

reference information: parameters, supported and default values

alternateConnectionsTimeOut – contactPictureSize – dbTranslateFrom – dbTranslateOverride – dbTranslateTo – disableThumbsCreation – dtSearchDebugLogdtSearchMaxResultsdtSearchRetrieveStepsfileIndexingEnablefileIndexingPathfileIndexingRoot – ldap – lockInterval – logExactQueries – logSQLQueries – logUserQueries – mailIndexingPath – mailingCodeFormat – oracleClobLength – oracleFullYearSearch – oracleSkipTranslate – replicFileCutSize – replicStandardCutSize – searchMemoLength – servicesConnectionString

We’ll limit ourselves here to providing the useful context for some parameters.

Other parameters such as for instance dbTranslateFrom, dbTranslateOverride, dbTranslateTo and oracleSkipTranslate are purely technical elements. (These four examples concern translations in Oracle queries. The last parameter uses an alter session instead of the default Oracle translate function; this impacts the speed of a search query, mind you.)

replicFileCutSize sets the size of replication packets for files: you cut data sets in blocks of N records when the Files table gets replicated. replicStandardCutSize is the equivalent parameter for “regular” fields: you cut data sets in blocks (of N records) when any table but Files gets replicated. (Reduce the default values when you experience “out of memory” problems during replications.) detailed info on replications


Maximum size (in pixels) for the width or height of a contact’s picture.

Go to the editing mode of a contact to upload a “head-and-shoulders” picture.

reference information: supported and default values


dtSearchDebugLog, dtSearchMaxResults, dtSearchRetrieveSteps, fileIndexingEnable, fileIndexingPath, fileIndexingRoot and mailIndexingPath

These parameters concern the “full-text” indexing of documents stored in an Efficy database, which depends the Document Indexing service.

reference information: supported and default values





detailed instructions: services and processes > document indexing > configuring the Efficy Document Indexing service

related parameter: modules

more info on document indexing: services and processes > document indexing

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