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Determines the level of permissions on the relation between items/records: when does a user have access to the relation, depending on his permissions on the linked items or not?

The “relations” that can be made between the items constitute a major strength of Efficy: users can link contacts to companies, actions to projects, documents to companies, e-mails to contacts etc. But what if a company is “read-only”? Should the user be able to link a contact to it or not?

No security on relations: the items/records can always be linked, regardless of the permissions on them.

Require rights on one entity: the user must have permissions on at least one of the items to be linked.

Require rights on both entities: the user must have permissions on both items to be linked.

A special setting in the (section User Settings of the) Admin console determines when the link can be made.



Once the relations security was set in the Admin Console, the parameter RelationSecurityLevel is stored here, in the configuration object Efficy in the system table SYS_SETTINGS.

The relation security level check can’t get done when the link is operated through the editing window of the main item.

The verification only happens in the following contexts:

when a link is added (script command: addLink) or removed (script command: deleteLink) between items from the consult mode.

when the fields of the link get modified directly (script command: openEditContextRelation).

more info on rights and securities

reference information: supported and default values

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