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This parameter is part of Efficy Places, the integration of Google Maps/Google Earth in Efficy.



It contains a preconfigured JSON object with the required settings. (No changes are required for the standard use of Efficy Places.)

The standard use of Efficy Places covers the geo-location of companies and (in a less comprehensive way) contacts. For a fuller use of Google Places with contacts (including latitude/longitude fields) or to apply geo-leocation to other or custom entities, the Efficy system administrator must edit the JSON configuration object. detailed instructions


Dont remove any characters in the JSON object as you edit the values. The braces {}, commas and every other special character must still be there when youre done!

// Do not remove the {} or commas
// The value names are case-sensitive
// The syntax is NAME : "VALUE",
DescriptionMaxLength : 1024,
AddressFields : [
GeoFields : [
 { lat:'LATITUDE', lng:'LONGITUDE' },
 { lat:'GPSLAT',   lng:'GPSLON'}
Entities : [
 { ShortName: 'Comp',
  LatField: 'LATITUDE',
  LngField: 'LONGITUDE'
 { ShortName: 'Cont' }
GMapMarkerStyles : {
 'Comp' : 'img/markers/comp26sprite.png',
 'Cont' : 'img/markers/cont26sprite.png'
// END


When displaying the index card of an Efficy company in Google Maps/Earth, an InfoWindow shows the companys name and Description zone.

This setting is the maximum length of the Memo text that will be displayed in the InfoWindow.


Efficy fields used for locating a record in Google Maps/Earth.

By default, contains the line of standard address fields on companies.


Fields containing the geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) that Google Maps/Earth will use prioritarily to try positioning the record on the map.

By default, it mentions the couple Latitude + Longitude fields of companies, and the couple GPSLAT + GPSLONG for images in the table Files.


Efficy entities containing addresses that can be viewed in Google Maps/Earth.

By default, only companies and contacts benefit of the integration.

LatField and LngField: fields where the latitude and longitude determined by Google Maps can be applied to the item in Efficy.

The order in which the item types are listed here is significant! If the keys of several entities are present in the data set (for instance in a query with companies and contacts), the entity mentioned first in PlacesSettings determines the icon used to display the marker on the map and determines the key used to open the entity from the map. By default, that is entity Companies.


Icons used to mark the location of an Efficy item in Google Maps.

Left side: the short name of the item type (entity”) (for instance Comp) should be present in Entities.

Right side: relative path to the corresponding image file – in a subfolder of the Efficy images folder.

In Google Earth, if you want to change the names of the images, you need to change the template PlaceMarks.kml. detailed instructions

detailed instructions: Efficy integrations (technical manual) > configuring the Efficy Places integration

more info on Efficy Places: Efficy integrations (technical manual)

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