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This JSON object configures the Peak Me Up integration in Efficy.

Peak Me Up is Efficy’s mobile sales app.



The default value for the field PMU_ITEMTYPES.ENTITIES when a record gets inserted.


Enter the label or symbol of the secondary unit – stars, miles etc. – used in Peak Me Up.

This parameter is optional: the client decides whether he makes use of a secondary ranking unit or not...


This option sends inserted items immediately to Peak Me Up.


Allows to call Peak Me Up using server script.


An item gets deleted when an orphan is closed.


Web address (URL) of the Peak Me Up server. (That machine can be an Efficy cloud server or an on-site server of the client.)


Hash of the Peak Me Up (administrative) user defined with the parameter UserId.


User ID of the Peak Me Up (administrative) user.

This user normally operates as “CEO” in Efficys mobile sales app Peak Me Up.

reference information: parameters, supported and default values

"peakMeUp": {

   "defaultEntities": "~",

   "realtime": "~",

   "remoteCallWorkflowId": "~",

   "secondaryUnit": "~",

   "url": "~",

   "userCanDeleteItem": "~",

   "userHash": "~"

   "userId": "~",


Log off and log on again when the Peak Me Up parameters were defined: a button Peak Me Up Catalogue gets added to the section Content Management.

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