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The maximum period (in seconds) that the PDF generator – the Efficy service PDF Office Converter or similar satellite software for PDF conversion – has to convert a document before Efficy aborts the operation and generates an error. Efficy uploads the PDF file as fast as it can. (The speed depends on the workload in the PDF conversion queue.)

Efficy generates an error when the time-out is over and the software still hasn’t been able to import the PDF result to attach it to the source document.


reference information: supported and default values

The basic operating principle of PDF conversion is simple: Efficy and the PDF converter communicate through two folders. There’s a watched folder where Efficy drops the attached files to be converted into PDF files (PdfMonitorInputFolder) and a folder where Efficy picks up the PDF documents after the conversion to add the attachments to the Efficy documents (PdfMonitorOutputFolder).



detailed instructions: Efficy services and processes > PDF Office Converter

detailed instructions: installing Efficy > installing the satellite software

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