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This parameter determines the table definition, the layout of tables inserted into e-mail (HTML) format templates.

When you don’t make use of e-mail (HTML) templates – and when you do make use of them but your templates don’t contain any tables –, this parameter plays no role.

Example of an HTML template



<p>It is our pleasure to invite you to our seminar where the following products will be discussed.


[$GetHtmlTable("Prod", entity="Prod", columndefs="GridHTML",



Your attendance would be highly appreciated; we look forward to seeing you there.</p>



Examples of the HTML template tag GetHtmlTable

[$GetHtmlTable('CONT', entity='Cont', columndefs='GridHTML', columns='NAME,FIRSTNAME,JOBTITLE')]

[$GetHtmlTable('PROD', entity='Prod', columndefs='GridHTML', columns='NAME,PRICE,QUANTITY,TOTAL{NUMERIC}', sum='TOTAL')]


Templates in Efficy are a highly effective way of quickly creating standard, professionally looking documents and e-mail messages that use data from the CRM database – the names of contacts, addresses of companies etc.

The user for instance generates an instant e-mail message from a contact. You display a table that lists all the contact persons linked to that contact. Or you show a table of products with a final sum at the end of the table.

[$GetHtmlTable('Cont', entity='Cont', columndefs='GridHTML', columns='NAME,FIRSTNAME,JOBTITLE')]

[$GetHtmlTable('Prod', entity='Prod', columndefs='GridHTML', columns='NAME,PRICE,QUANTITY,TOTAL{NUMERIC}', sum='TOTAL')]


download the manual on document and e-mail templates from our FTP site


To support tables in template-based e-mail messages, the tables’ layout must be defined beforehand: the system needs to know in advance how to display the columns – and it all depends on your corporate identity. Well, the parameter GridHTML handles this issue.


Strictly speaking, the parameter doesn’t have to be named GridHTML, it can be another name. Know however that all e-mail (HTML) templates with tables that require this layout must carry the correct name!

This also means you can develop different layouts for tables in template-based e-mail messages: as long as the custom layouts are stored in SYS_STORAGE and as long as the template tags [$GetHtmlTable] in HTML templates load the correct table layout, things will work.

[$GetHtmlTable('CONT', entity='Cont', columndefs='GridHTML', columns='NAME,FIRSTNAME,JOBTITLE')]

[$GetHtmlTable('PROD', entity='Prod', columndefs='HTMLColumns', columns='NAME,PRICE,QUANTITY,TOTAL{NUMERIC}', sum='TOTAL')]

Still, most clients establish a single table definition named GridHTML which gets reused in all HTML templates.

reference info on the template tags: the tag GetHtmlTable


The syntax is similar to the one in GridColumns.txt, the file that defines grid columns in consulting windows.

customizing Efficy: defining grid columns



The standard example for GridHTML is predefined in the table SYS_STORAGE. Adapt or replace this table definition so that it fits your needs and applies your corporate identity.

starttable [<table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">]

endtable [</table><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><%GetBorder("gray;white;/4")%></table>]

startheader [<tr class="GridHeader" id="hrow">]

endheader [</tr>]

startrow [<tr align="left" class="<#C:GridRow,GridRowAlt>" onMouseOver="this.className='GridRowHighLight'" onMouseOut="this.className='<#C:GridRow,GridRowAlt>'">]

startrow.Hist [<tr align="left" <#C:,bgcolor=#dddddd> class="<#I=OPERATION;P=FieldOp;#ELSE=RecordOp>" onMouseOver="'#eeeeee'"


startrow.Docu, startrow.Acti [<tr align="left" class="<#C:GridRow,GridRowAlt>" onMouseOver="this.className='GridRowHighLight'"

onMouseOut="this.className='<#C:GridRow,GridRowAlt>'" title="<#F=MEMO;absent=true;size=255;PureText=true>">]

endrow [</tr>]

sumstartrow [<tr align=left>]

sumendrow [</tr>]

sumspacer [<td colspan=$COLUMNPOS$ class="Grid"></td>]

sumline [<td class="Grid"><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" width="100%"><%GetBorder("#666666;#CCCCCC")%></table></td>]

sumfield [<td class="Grid"><b><#F=$FIELD$></b></td>]

sumfield.CENTER [<td class="Grid" align="center"><b><#F=$FIELD$></b></td>]

sumfield.DURATION [<td class="Grid" align="right"><b><#F=$FIELD$;format=duration></b></td>]

sumfield.NUMERIC [<td class="Grid" align="right"><b><#F=$FIELD$></b></td>]

sum [<td class="Grid"><b><#F=$FIELD$></b></td>]

sum.CENTER [<td class="Grid" align="center"><b><#F=$FIELD$></b></td>]

sum.DURATION [<td class="Grid" align="right"><b><#F=$FIELD$;format=duration></b></td>]

sum.NUMERIC [<td class="Grid" align="right"><b><#F=$FIELD$></b></td>]

th [<th nowrap align="left"><#H=$FIELD$;sort=true></th>]

td [<td class="Grid"><#F=$FIELD$></td>]

td.NUMERIC [<td class="Grid" align="right"><#F=$FIELD$></td>]

customizing Efficy: grid tagsreference info on grid tags


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