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Indicates the minimal size of a file to be considered as “big”.

By default, any file over 32 MB is seen as “big”.

This relates to files that can be uploaded to Efficy – or to be more precise, to Efficy’s file server that can be identical to or different from the Efficy web server.

Preliminary steps

specify Efficy’s file server with the parameter URL (when the Efficy server also functions as file server) or FileURL (when a dedicated file server is used).

indicate with the parameter FileRepository which folder holds the file repository. (The files are stored in subfolders; each subfolder holds up to 1,000 “big” files.)

indicate the temporary folder where the uploads happen before the files are moved to the file repository with the parameter FileTempUpload.

Necessary complementary steps

set the maximum size of files considered as big (with the parameter FileMaxSize).

adapt IIS to the maximal size of “big” files.

Complementary step: configure the related clean-up service Large File Maintenance.

Efficy services and processes: Large File Maintenance service


reference information: supported and default values

related parameters (in Servicy): FileMaxSize, FileRepository, FileTempUpload, FileURL, URL

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