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Contains the URL to the log-on page of the Extranet (which includes the Efficy helpdesk).

configuring the Efficy Extranet: more info

dsgn_URL-example       dsgn_extranet-logon

The default value is

This default URL must be customized to fit your installation.

Clearly, the domain and database mydatabase are placeholders that need to be replaced by the correct values.

Don’t include the parameters user and password in this URL; they’re supplied by a script when needed.

Specify the full URL to the log-on page, not a (shorter) redirection address such as, say,

Warning: the web address with the character string .../public/... in it is actually is a “pretty” URL that hides the (main) Efficy “brokerefficy.dll. And “pretty” URLs only work when the web site is configured correctly under IIS! Consult the manual Installing Efficy for details.



Additionally, define a sender’s e-mail address (with the related parameter ServicyAdminMail) for the e-mail messages that invite/allow external visitors of the Efficy Extranet to reset their password.


reference information: supported and default values

detailed instructions: configuring the Efficy Extranet > configuring the Extranet

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more info on the syntax and parameters of log-on URLs: configuring the Efficy log-on URL

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