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Determines the signature of all Extranet/helpdesk-related e-mail messages.

The default value is MyCompany Support Team. Replace the placeholder by a signature that represents your customer service. Minimally, replace MyCompany by your company name.

dsgn_extranet-templates-signature     dsgn_signature-example

HTML code is allowed, for instance to insert the e-mail address of your support team or a hyperlink to a web page with customer service information.

Additionally, define a sender’s e-mail address (with the related parameter ServicyAdminMail) for the e-mail messages that invite/allow external visitors of the Efficy Extranet/helpdesk to reset their password.


related parameters: ExtranetSettings, ExtranetTemplatesCSS, ExtranetURL, ServicyAdminMail

more info on the Efficy Extranet: configuring the Efficy Extranet

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