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When Efficy supports multiple currencies, a consolidated currency is required to calculate total amounts.

The data your financial department needs, the reports on (expected) turnover etc. for your management are available in the consolidated currency (example: €) used by the head office, but you can serve the local markets with offers, invoices etc. in the local currencies (examples: $, £ and ¥).



an offer implies the delivery of 5 lounge chairs and 10 filing cabinets to client X.

3 lounge chairs and 7 filing cabinets are intended for the Brussels head office of client X. 2 lounge chairs and 3 filing cabinets for its U.K. subsidiary.

the “mainland” offer is expressed in Euro (€), the British offer in pounds (£).

Question: how can we calculate the total sum of this sales opportunity or invoice? We can with the database-wide consolidated currency!


the “mainland” offer amounts to 750 Euro (€), the British offer amounts to 250 pound (£).

the total of this sales opportunity or invoice is 1,200 Euro (with the Euro as consolidated currency).

Select the consolidated currency in the drop-down list.


Preliminary steps: 1. enable the (fixed or variable) multi-currency mode, 2. enable the currencies you support in the database table LK_CRRCY.

reference information: supported and default values

related parameter: MultiCurrencyMode

more info on multi-currency support: Supporting multiple currencies

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