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Key of the Efficy user/incident manager to which incidents (cases) are assigned by default upon their creation.

When no incident manager is selected/specified manually and a new incident gets created by a script (think of cases submitted through the Extranet), this user is assigned as incident manager by default. (External contacts – your customers – just submit their problem to your customer service, they can’t possibly know who handles which issues in the support team...)

The incident manager can of course delegate cases to other helpdesk employees: he edits the incidents and assigns case managers manually.

dsgn_incident-fields       dsgn_case-managers

The user you pick for this task must be a helpdesk employee: (s)he must a member of the default group Helpdesk (user code: EFF_HELPDESK).


In theory, you can leave this parameter blank when you don’t wish to set a default incident manager. However, this leads to orphan incidents: those cases aren’t linked to any incident manager – and therefore in all probability don’t get solved!

Tip: to discover the key of the user you wish to make incident manager, hover the mouse cursor over the users name in the users list. His/her key appears in the status bar. (Rachel Green, the designated user in our example, has key 27.)

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